Nutrisystem vs BistroMD – A Comparison of Food, Cost and Convenience

Nutrisystem and BistroMD are two of the most popular weight loss meal delivery programs in the US. What are their differences? Which one is best for you? Let's compare BistroMD to Nutrisystem in the following 3 areas: Food, Cost, and Convenience.


The food plays perhaps the most important role when choosing a commercial meal delivery diet program. If you like the food, the chances you will stick to the program and lose weight are high. If, on the other hand, the food is not that good, you will end up cheating, and the program will not be effective for you.

The food is better on BistroMD, hands down. BistroMD food is prepared by chefs and designed by doctors. The idea behind this program is that healthy weight loss doesn't have to be bland and boring. From turkey breast with cranberry and stuffing, to grilled chicken with roasted red pepper sauce, to jerk spiced tilapia, you will have a great variety of delicious entrees to choose from.

Nutrisystem food is not gourmet style. It's dry, canned food, that has a lengthy shelf life. This doesn't mean that it's not tasty or unhealthy. To the contrary, the menu is developed by a group of very knowledgeable doctors and dietitians, with the intention of creating a nutritionally balanced diet. This food minimizes your cravings while giving you all the energy and nutrients you need. Unlike BistroMD food, you can take Nutrisystem food with you at work or anywhere your daily activities will take you. You don't need to worry about keeping the food in the fridge. Bars, muffins, and other desserts and snacks can be consumed as they are. Many people had great success losing weight while eating Nutrisystem food. In addition to the shelf-stable menu, Nutrisystem has a selection of frozen foods, very similar to BistroMD's. Take a look:



BistroMD costs $180 or $150 per week, if you buy the 7-day or the 5-day plan, respectively.

Nutrisystem costs about $11/day. That's $330 for 4 weeks.


Both programs were created to make weight loss easy. The most time-consuming part of a weight loss plan is the preparation of the food. Going to the grocery store, cooking, counting calories, washing dishes etc, takes considerable time. By delivering meals to your home, BistroMD and Nutrisystem will free you a lot of time. Which program is more convenient? Nutrisystem doesn't have fruits, dairy and vegetables, therefore you do have to visit the grocery store to stock on these items. BistroMD on the other hand is a little more complete in the sense that the menu has vegetables and fruits. In fact you can get a good deal of these fresh items in the menu. But if you want to eat i.e an apple or a banana, you have to supply it yourself.

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