Why Sea Rocket? Because this is the plant that grows on our beaches. You can find this beautiful plant growing in clumps or mounds in the sand on Southern California beaches. Its official name is cakile maritima. It is a species native to Europe, but it has been introduced to the US as well.

SearRocketBistro is a blog about meal delivery diets like BistroMD and Diet to Go.

Like you, we live a crazy busy life. As we try to balance between work, kids, and community obligations, the time we have for ourselves is often too little. As a result, we compromise on the food we eat. We grab some food from Subway or Pizza Hut and call it a meal. This is why fast food is a major part of the US diet. We are a society that consumes 31% more packaged food than fresh food!

Those of us who still have time to cook, don’t know how to eat healthy. They think it’s too complicated. Did you know that 52% of Americans find it easier to do their taxes than figure out how to eat healthy?

The result? 1 out of 3 Americans is obese.

We are thankful to companies like BistroMD that deliver chef-prepared, fresh, healthy, gourmet, restaurant-like food to our homes. Not only do we save an enormous amount of time—because grocery shopping is dramatically reduced, and cooking, washing dishes, and counting calories are totally eliminated—we enjoy delicious food, and we rest assured that  we eat healthy while we lose the excess weight.