Cindy’s Success Story: How BistroMD Gave her Life Back

The birth of my two month old took a toll on me. I was exhausted after being in labor for over 24 hours, and what followed that was hours without enough sleep and rest because I had to take care of my son on my own. For about a month I took very little care of my body, until my mom and my friends intervened to get me back into shape. I really believe that being a good mother means that I have to take care of my boy, but I also have to look after myself in order to do my duties well. I had gained over 35 pounds during my pregnancy. I was desperately looking for a good weight loss program until I found myself browsing through the online site of BistroMD.

Cindy's Success Story

I was highly intrigued by the diet they recommended, along with the delicious foods that they were offering to their subscribers. What finally moved me to make my decision to join BistroMD weight loss program was Cindy's success story. Cindy's words resonated with me. She was also new to motherhood, and she Thad a lot of trouble shedding the extra kilos she had gained. This hurt her own body image, because she was usually very active and well shaped. She was struggling with her weight and low confidence, until she came across BistroMD herself.

What won her over was that this diet provided actual, nutritious foods to people instead of starving them. She was too tired of the usual gimmicks that online weight loss programs often use to fool people. But she knew that she could trust BistroMD as even Dr. Phil had recommended it for all. She is a registered nurse herself, and she knew by looking at the diet chart that BistroMD really cared for their subscribers and made genuine efforts to help them.

After using BistroMD for about five or four years, Cindy is at a much better place than before. Not only does she look amazingly gorgeous, but she can spend a lot more time with her family as well. Since BistroMD sends pre-packed meals which could be quickly warmed up before serving, she does not have to waste time grocery shopping or slaving away in the kitchen. Her story has inspired me to join BistroMD as well. I feel much assured and positive that this weight loss program will work for me too, and I can finally shed my excess body fat without compromising on the hours that I want to spend with my baby.