Chris Lost 55lb and is Free from Blood Pressure Medications

"Since I have been on the program, I have lost not only weight but the medical conditions that come with weight gain", says Chris Willis who lost 55lb on Bistro MD.

His story reminds me of my husband. He gained a lot of weight over the last five years as his work would take him away to different places for a long period of time. Usually he ends up spending about a month away from home at a stretch, and this causes a lot of imbalance in our lives. Also since he does not know how to cook, he would eat out at diners whenever he could. As a result, he gained weight steadily and despite my efforts to keep him interested in healthy food, he would always slip up and nothing had worked so far.

Finally, a dietitian informed me about BistroMD and stated that this weight loss program has helped a lot of people get back in shape and turn their lives around. I was intrigued. The dietitian also shared some stories of success of some customers who had opted for BistroMD. He told me about Chris, who was involved in a job that required high physical activity. Like my husband he did not know how to cook and he ate junk food to fill up his stomach. Plus, he never felt happy with meager portions of salads and broccoli, so he always cheated on his diet.

Finally, he gained weight and he reached about 235 pounds, and started to experience the co-morbidities of obesity. He had gout, suffered from acid reflux often, and even his joints started to ache from workouts. His blood pressure also shot up, and for a time he was under medications. At long last, he turned to BistroMD for help. He started to enjoy their delicious dishes and always felt excited about eating their delivered pre-packed meals.

He also ate controlled portions so that he did not gain weight. In fact, his weight dropped to 200 pounds, and he intends to keep dropping it till 190 at least. He also does not have to deal with the hassle of cooking because all he needs to do is warm up the packed foods in a few seconds time. His medical complications have now disappeared and he is living a healthy life.

Chris's story gave me hope regarding my husband. I told him about BistroMD and how it affected Chris's life positively, and now my husband is also excited to try this genuine weight loss program. I am very happy that we found BistroMD at last, and we look forward to living a healthier life together in the future.