BistroMD changed Lisette’s Life for the Better!

A few days ago, a friend of mine showed me the official website for BistroMD. I initially ignored it because I was too tired of the usual weight loss programs which do nothing but starve people until they finally cheat on their diet. For me, the problem was also more specific because I am not usually very overweight. But once in a while, I do tend to abuse my diet because of stress. If I face a huge amount of pressure at work or in my personal relationships, I start looking for solace in food. During these phases, I gain more than ten pounds which I try to immediately shed by starving mostly.

Over the years, I realized that this was a very unhealthy habit because rapid gain in weight is never good for the body. And starving myself to lose the extra kilos did me more harm. I needed a very helpful diet that would normalize my eating habits and keep me disciplined in my diet. Finally, while going through the testimonials for BistroMD, I came across Lisette, who has always been an aspiring actor. She captured my attention quickly, as she revealed that she also used to stress eat a lot and therefore gained over 200 pounds due to her recent unemployment.

Lisettes BistroMD Testimony


She had moved to Las Vegas from Chicago to launch her acting career, but she soon lost her job and that put her under a lot of pressure. She felt very low, and the stress of unemployment drove her to junk food. Finally, when she got an opportunity to act as a guest on The Doctors show, she decided to subscribe to BistroMD to lose her extra kilos. What happened for her after that was an absolute miracle! She not only lost the extra 30 pounds that she had put on, but her dress size went from 14 to 8 in a matter of weeks! She inspired her whole family to join BistroMD right after that, and all of them have been eating healthy since then and experiencing a more detoxed and rejuvenized lifestyle.

They know how to eat right. Whenever they go out to eat, they always know how much portion they should consume. They always remember to add delicious vegetables to their main items so that they could eat nutritious and balanced food. Lisette's story woke my hope and determination. Like her, I intend to stop stress eating and get my life back. So I finally joined BistroMD and have already started experiencing the benefits of healthy eating after a few weeks!