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Being the only doctor in my family, I am constantly quizzed by relatives both close at home and by the distant ones, about how one can stay healthy given their busy lives. Now, we all know what an understatement "busy lives" is, when the people that I am talking about happen to be residents of San Diego, a county with over 1.6 million overweight or obese people! With a fast paced life, it simply becomes almost impossible to maintain a healthy diet, which in my opinion is the most important key to a healthy body and lifestyle.

So every morning you are either stuffing yourself with a burger and a milkshake or juice bought from a drive-through while driving your car, OR stuffing yourself with whatever you could find in the refrigerator at your home. In both scenarios, a commonality exists—that of an unplanned, unhealthy diet. There is simply no time or motivation left to prepare well-balanced and healthy food, if you are going to have to juggle readying your kids, giving them a ride to school, driving yourself to work and then after a long day at work, come home dead tired.

Considering all of these complexities, the responsibility of me as a doctor to prescribe methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle to my family and clients, increases manifold.

Is there a way then, to escape this daily grind and emerge healthy every day?

As a doctor, nothing gives me more pleasure than informing my clients (I do not like to call them my patients) that the answer is a solid YES! There is a healthy diet, that promises to fulfill every dietary need of your body and one which does not require any special effort (other than following the diet strictly, of course) from your side! And it is called San Diego diet food delivery plan by BistroMD.

Like actress Camille Guaty, I love BistroMD.

What is a San Diego diet first of all?

It is a diet developed by Bistro MD, that makes losing weight easy without having to give up on your favorite dishes! Bistro MD is a diet food delivery service operating in San Diego (and some other states as well), where registered dietitians and award-winning chefs work together to develop some of the most healthy and amazing gourmet dishes. These people have a passion for good food.

And let me tell you, this is not your typical diet food. The food is comparable to that you could find in good restaurants in San Diego. Only the freshest ingredients sourced from local farmers, fishermen and ranchers are used in preparation of the food at Bistro MD following strict nutritional guidelines. Under the Bistro MD diet food delivery service, you can avail diet food programs that are especially developed for men and women separately. The best thing about the BistroMD diet food service? It is 100% healthy, requires minimum cooking by you and is extremely affordable!

Bistro MD versus Nutrisystem – A Comparison

Perhaps you have heard of Nutrisystem diet. It is a meal delivery diet program, like Bistro MD. The truth is, these two programs are a lot different. Here are the main differences:

  1. Nutrisystem food is shelf stable, like bars, muffins, smoothies, and puncakes. In most cases, you take the food out of its box, you microwave it and you eat it. It can last for several weeks inside its box, outside the refrigerator. There is an expiration date. Bistro MD food, on the other hand, is not “packaged”, shelf-stable type of food. It is delivered frozen-fresh and it has to be consumed within a few hours.
  2. Nutrisystem food is cheaper. It sets you back by only $10 a day. Well, you do have to add some fruits and vegetables yourself. Some people use a nutri system discount code to save $50 a month or more. Bistro MD food is a little more expensive. But it’s more complete. Vegetables are included. Each day costs you around $26. Currently, there is a BistroMD discount code for a $80 discount.

Is it Worth the Cost?

It is for me! Consider for a moment the time it takes you to go grocery shopping, cook, wash dishes, and count calories. And even if you have time to do all this, you also need to know how to cook healthy. BistroMD does all this for you.

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Imagine getting up in the morning or coming home late at night from work, and not having to worry about what to eat for breakfast or where to go for dinner! Under the San Diego diet food delivery plan from Bistro MD, you get pre-packaged meals delivered right at your doorsteps with a variety of gourmet dishes to choose from. So even as you chomp on that Beef Stroganoff, you can just forget about how much calories you must be taking in your meal. This is because each of the food - whether sea food, meat or vegetarian dishes, all of them are prepared under strict medical supervision and count less than 500 calories. While the menu has the best California meats, the Bistro MD diet also offers modified vegetarian diets for people who are averse to meat, so you do not have to worry if you cannot find a vegetarian dish on the menu.

Worried that this "gourmet" food delivery system might be pricey? Well, it is NOT.

Enrolling in a 5-day program with the Bistro MD standard plan costs $149.95 for the first week (i.e. about $30 a day for 3 gourmet meals), and $169.90 (i.e $30 + an additional $4 per day for 3 gourmet meals) in the following weeks.

Enrolling in a 7-day program with the Bistro MD standard plan is the more economical option of the two, and costs $179.95 for the first week (i.e. about $25 a day for 3 gourmet meals), and $199.90 (i.e. about $28.50 per day for 3 gourmet meals).

Still think it is too costly? Well you can always use one of those precious Bistro MD coupons and Bistro MD discount codes, that are easily available on the Internet, to get a further discount on these plans.

The San Diego diet food by Bistro MD is all I need to stay fit and energetic, a viewpoint that is now shared by half my relatives as well as my clients. There now exist two things that I love most about San Diego—its ever pleasant climate and my favorite San Diego diet food by Bistro MD.

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